12 ‘Boyfriend’ Tweets That’ll Make Every Girl Go ‘SO TRUE!’

12 ‘Boyfriend’ Tweets That’ll Make Every Girl Go ‘SO TRUE!’
We love our boyfriends, there are no doubts about that. But at times, they annoy us too. So some women on Twitter decided to make their annoyance public. They posted some hilarious tweets and after reading them, we’re literally rolling on the floor laughing. Tweets from finding a boyfriend to having one, this is the ultimate read to have a good laugh. So here, read on and have a good time.

1.  Nothing f*cks you up like your bank balance!

1 tweets about boyfriends Source: hellolanemoore on Twitter

2. We all need someone to switch off those damn lights!

2 tweets about boyfriends Source: shelbyfero on Twitter

3. Who needs a boyfriend when you have body pillow?

3 tweets about boyfriends Source: MrEmilyHeller on Twitter

4. We have our girlfriends for that too…

4 tweets about boyfriends Source: DanaSchwartzzz on Twitter

5. Yeah Minnie, take off those heels.

5 tweets about boyfriends Source: MrEmilyHeller on Twitter

6. Okay, this was a bit mean, but funny. *hahaha*

6 tweets about boyfriends Source: LizHackett on Twitter

7. Get me coffee, will you?

7 tweets about boyfriends Source: Ellaceron on Twitter

8. Food is our priority.

8 tweets Source: Caliluvgirl on Twitter

9. That moment when you realize your guy is...imaginary.

9 tweets Source: sbellelauren on Twitter

10. Guys, if you’re reading this, take note.

10 tweets Source: OhNoSheTwitnt on Twitter

11. Error 404: Boyfriend NOT Found

11 tweets Source: aparnapkin on Twitter

12. Haha! This is SO funny.

12 tweets Source: AkilahObviously on Twitter OMG! We’re still laughing. These tweets are really funny.