11 ‘Boob’ Tweets By Girls - You’ll Laugh Till Your Cheeks Hurt!

11 ‘Boob’ Tweets By Girls - You’ll Laugh Till Your Cheeks Hurt!
We have a love-hate relationship with our boobs. While at times we complain about their size, we also sometimes love flaunting our assets. It’s actually quite difficult to describe the relationship a girl has with her boobs. Well, some women on Twitter took charge and tweeted some hilarious things about boobs that we are sure every girl will relate to. So here guys, read these tweets about boobs and have a good laugh.

1. See, told you, love-hate relationship.

1 tweets about boobs Source: MollySneed on Twitter

2. Just fit in the bra already!!!

2 Source: GoldenSpirals on Twitter

3. Just big boobs problems...

3 tweets about boobs Source: OrignalceQueen on Twitter

4. Hahahahahha! Okay, this is funny.

4 tweets about boobs Source: Vornietom on Twitter

5. When your breasts are another entity altogether...

5 tweets about boobs Source: MaraWilson on Twitter

6. Daily struggles man, daily struggles.

6 Source: Adar79Angie on Twitter

7. Exactly, boobs are all about shelving potato chips!

7 tweets about boobs Source: Slackmistress on Twitter

8. What? We just want to know how much they weigh!

8 tweets about boobs Source: IamEnidColeslaw on Twitter

9. This just makes so much sense!

9 tweets about boobs Source: PeachCoffin on Twitter

10. Gonna try this next time! *wink*

10 Source: 1followernodad on Twitter This literally made us go LOL! *Laughs till bra pops open*