11 Funny *Boob* Tweets - You’ll Laugh Till Your Bra Feels Tight!

11 Funny *Boob* Tweets - You’ll Laugh Till Your Bra Feels Tight!
Almost every girl has a love-hate relationship with her boobs. Sometimes we hate to have them, yet sometimes we love to flaunt them. We think the term ‘it’s complicated’ was coined by a girl who was trying to give a name to her relationship with her boobs. So just for sometime we want you to forget about everything and enjoy a good laugh. These hilarious tweets about boobs will make you laugh out loud. Read on, we’re sure you want to go through them once again...

1. The pilot has turned on the seat belt sign, please be seated.

1 tweets about boobs Source: cIits on Twitter

2. Hahaha! We should name ours Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Baar Baar Dekho...

2 tweets about boobsSource: OhGodItsAlexis on Twitter

3. Body: I think medium would fit you. Boobs: Nah, homie. Not today.

3 tweets about boobs Source: OurStruggIes on Twitter

4. Yup! No reason, just boobs!

4 tweets about boobs Source: RelatableQuote on Twitter

5. Because we like feeding our boobs too...

5 tweets about boobs Source: JessObsess on Twitter

6. Well, only when we take off our jackets...

6 tweets about boobs Source: _courtkneelove on Twitter

7. Two deadly words: Boob sweat. Enough said.

7 tweets about boobs Source: GraceSpelman on Twitter

8. Hahahaha! What else does ‘calm your tits’ mean? *LOL*

8 tweets about boobs Source: GoldenSpirals on Twitter

9. When we become grandmothers...

9 tweets about boobs Source: hellolanemoore on Twitter

10. My precious… I shall hold you till my last breath...

10 tweets about boobs Source: Ndeshi_M on Twitter

11. When we’re alone and nobody is watching...

11 tweets about boobs Source: Ideal_Victoria on Twitter How many of these hilarious tweets made you laugh?