9 Hilarious *Single Girl* Tweets For All You Lovely Ladies!

9 Hilarious *Single Girl* Tweets For All You Lovely Ladies!
‘WHAT? You’re single?’ - one question that we get to hear a lot of times and it always comes with that look of pity, right?! So what if we’re single? We LOVE it and we know we’re awesome! So the next time someone says, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll find someone,’ just tell them not to worry either because they’ll also find their manners someday! We single girls know how awesome it is to be single...we can do whatever we want, we can go for days without shaving (by choice), we can check out guys and flirt with them, actually we can do ANYTHING! We’re not going to crib about it because there’s more to life than just finding the ‘perfect guy’, we’ll focus on being perfect! So just celebrate your singlehood with these hilarious *single girl* tweets that’ll make you laugh till you cry...

1. So if you ever see our phone charged up to 100%, you know why… *Wink*

1 single girl tweets Source: smhsohard on Twitter

2. When mom just wants grandkids and nothing else...

2 single girl tweets Source: Creepowoman on Twitter

3. Where can we find it? Also, is there a deluxe package for 2 nights, 3 days?

3 single girl tweets Source: ThePhoolanDevi on Twitter

4. One day! Don’t be disheartened...

4 single girl tweets Source: MissTumbledore on Twitter

5. Aap katar mein hain, kripya thoda intezaar kijiye...

5 single girl tweets Source: nirali_ss on Twitter

6. This is a serious issue, my Lord!

6 single girl tweets Source: priyal on Twitter

7. Modi ji: Helping singles since 8th November, 2016

7 single girl tweets Source: anuradha_kush on Twitter

8. So did she edit him out of my love story?

8 single girl tweets Source: TheVacuumHead on Twitter

9. Well, probably the only thing that can make us ‘scream louder’!

9 single girl tweets Source: mediocregandhi on Twitter All the single ladies, all the single ladies, oh oh oh, oh oh oh… *Dances*