Sh*t We Say To Our Siblings - 6 Tweets That Are Just TOO True!

Sh*t We Say To Our Siblings - 6 Tweets That Are Just TOO True!
We all have silly fights with our siblings, be it over clothes or the TV remote. We just need stupid reasons to annoy them and so do they. But no matter how much we tease them, we also love them to bits. And fighting with them is just another way of expressing our love, Isn’t it!? Read these 6 tweets, where people have described things they’ve said to their siblings in just 5 words and they're really funny! Share it with your siblings and tell them how much you love to hate them… ;)

1. We all have these silly fights, no matter how old we are! :P

sibling memes Source: Dipti Bhonsale on Twitter

2. That irritating moment when your sister JUST won’t stop wearing your clothes! *Angry face*

sibling memes Source: Morgan Demeola on Twitter

3. When you get really happy because your sister doesn’t fit into her clothes! *Happy dance*

sibling memes Source: Excitable Ute on Twitter

4. And we just hate it when they want to borrow something from us!

sibling memes Source: Sarah with an h on Twitter

5. When you’re being scolded by your parents…this is the story of EVERY brother-sister ever! ;)

sibling memes Source: Maiah Ocando on Twitter

6. And they’ll tease you by spending some extra time to mess with you, especially when you’re getting late! Admit it, you have done it too! :P

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