9 Hilarious Tweets That’ll Make Every ‘Committed’ Girl Laugh!

9 Hilarious Tweets That’ll Make Every ‘Committed’ Girl Laugh!
Girls, we know that it’s amazing be in love with someone and it comes with its own perks and puddles. Being in a relationship, you must have had sweet, silly and funny moments with your guy - and these hilarious tweets are about those funny moments. Married or dating, these funny relationship tweets will make every girl laugh out loud!

1. When you have a fight with bae and he says ‘It’s not working out’...

1 Image: rushingquark on Twitter

2. Hahaha! We’ve got our own ways to tease our boyfriends!

2 Image: LolitaDrugs on Twitter

3. How to scare your boyfriend - pro tip 101!

3 Image: OnlineAlison on Twitter

4. Hahaha! When you get married and have kids...

4 Image: onenawtigeh on Twitter

5. When you’re in  a long term relationship and you only shave for *special* occasions...

5 relationship tweets Image: Manda_like_wine on Twitter

6. Hahaha! Because you’ve got to discuss everything about your relationship with your BFFs...

6 relationship tweets Image: tbhjuststop on Twitter

7. Dear future mom-in-law, be ready! *Hehehe!*

7 relationship tweets Image: urfavbabygirl on Twitter

8. Husbands are nice and stuff, until they start snoring...

8 relationship tweets Image: Six_Pack_Mom on Twitter

9. Girls, how many of you are guilty of this?

9 relationship tweets Image: mommy_cusses on Twitter We had a good laugh after reading all these hilarious tweets, what about you?