9 Totally Hilarious Memes That Prove... Pizza Is BAE!!

9 Totally Hilarious Memes That Prove... Pizza Is BAE!!
Pizzas are the BEST thing ever and we all LOVE eating them! It’s the only thing that we like cheesy and we can surely say that pizza is our bae. Haha! Anyway, if you are a big time foodie and love to hog on pizzas anytime, anywhere, then this one is for you. YES! We found some super hilarious pizza memes on 9GAG and they’ll keep you laughing all day long. Read them and don’t forget to share them with your pizza lover friends!

1. Okay, that’s SO us. *Laughs*

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2. How to make pizza? Order one. Simple.

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3. Enough said.

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4. Well that sums it all up!

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5. Well, that’s an instant turn on. *Wink*

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6. Hahahaha! This is hilarious and it clearly proves that pizza is bae...

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7. Like? No. LOVEEEE!

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8. Pizza is pizza...hot or cold, who cares man?

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9. Pizza is always AVAILABLE for us, unlike guys! 

9 Image Source These were just SO hilarious!