7 Hilarious *Penis* Confessions - You’ll Laugh Till You Cry!!

7 Hilarious *Penis* Confessions - You’ll Laugh Till You Cry!!
Are you thinking what on earth are penis confessions? Well, we were a bit confused too when we saw this penis confessions thread on Whisper. But when we went through this thread, we found some hilarious stories from guys about their penises - and, girls, these will make you go WTF. And if not WTF, they’ll make you laugh for sure. So yeah, go ahead and find out what these guys have to confess about their penises!

1. The magnetism of sex! Or NOT!


2. What? What? WHAAATTT?


3. Haha! Just when you wish you had the option to unsend a message!


4. And what does it say in response? *Laughs*

5 penis confessions

5. After all, only you can be your *real* encouragement!

6 penis confessions

6. Hahahaha! That’s insane!

7 penis confessions

7. Well, good for you, man!

1 You can read the full thread here on Whisper. Woah! These were just SO ridiculously funny! Images: Whisper