9 'Makeup' Tweets To Make You Laugh Till Your Lipstick Smudges!

9 'Makeup' Tweets To Make You Laugh Till Your Lipstick Smudges!
We know that being a girl is difficult…and expensive! Like why? WHY are bras expensive? WHY is makeup expensive? WHY is food expensive? Existing on planet earth as a girl is so.damn.difficult! We know that the struggle of getting up early and looking our best every day is just so real! But instead of crying about it, we can laugh it off! These 9 makeup tweets are just SO true for EVERY girl and they are hilarious AF! So are you ready to relate on a spiritual level? Read on and get ready to laugh your a*s off!

1. When you actually sneeze and become a raccoon! The struggle is way too real...

1 makeup tweets Source: jennihuntley on Twitter

2. But if it’s expensive, it should have been waterproof! #JustSaying

2 makeup tweets Source: Toni_Breazy on Twitter

3. Forget wasting an outfit on a bad day… This foundation isn’t cheap either!

3 makeup tweets Source: sophxthompson on Twitter

4. Hahaha! Haven’t really done this, but it would be fun… :P

4 makeup tweets Source: LuvPug on Twitter

5. The most annoying kind of people! Like, shut the eff up, please?

5 makeup tweets Source: baeryl on Twitter

6. No NO NOO! We wear makeup to make our day better...

6 makeup tweets Source: onherperiod on Twitter

7. Well, you don’t need that tongue also!

7 makeup tweets Source: PutinistaJonez on Twitter

8. When you see makeup in everything…

8 makeup tweets Source: tiqahlannister on Twitter

9. Yep! Miracles do happen. Don’t lose hope, keep trying… God is watching!

9 makeup tweets Source: sophxthompson on Twitter Relatable much? We can’t deny on how accurate these tweets are! *Hehehe*