Shaadi Postponed Due To Coronavirus? Here Are 8 Fun Ways To Let Your Guests Know

Shaadi Postponed Due To Coronavirus? Here Are 8 Fun Ways To Let Your Guests Know

If you were all set to get married to the love of your life in March or April then it's probably a really stressful time for you and we totally understand. India and almost the entire world is on a total lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and it seems to be getting worse by the day. Currently, citizens are only allowed to venture out for essentials and many people have been forced to postpone their weddings indefinitely. 

While right now, looking at the numbers and statistics one may think that it's never going to get better but I just want to tell you that it will- we've just got to have faith. If we all practice social distance and flatten the curve in our own way then we can overcome this. 

While the news may not be the most pleasant one, who said your announcement has to be hackneyed. 

Here Are 8 Ways To Announce That You're Planning To Postpone The Wedding

Our suggestion is to send out these e-notifications to everyone attending as soon as possible so that they can all mentally prepare themselves. So if you were planning to get married in May and are thinking of postponing it then you should do it now.

Testing that connection a bit more

For the fun and quirky couple always looking to make a joke on themselves, this is a great way to tell everyone that the wedding is postponed- wanting to get to know him a bit better is legit guys, c'mon!

A little more time

A bigger, better and more dhoom-dhaam waali shaadi is what you deserve so why shouldn't your invite say that? Don't worry guys, you aced the planning the first time, it'll be even better the second time!

Home workout?

A couple who sweats together, stays together. (Yes, I meant that as a pun). Getting fit with home workouts is a great way to stay happy and release those endorphins so why not use it for your shaadi postponing card as well!

Couple: 1; Corona: 0

You envisioned your wedding day to look a certain way so you're not going to let coronavirus take it away and that's fair. If the truth packaged in straight words is the way to go for you, then this is a great option, guys.

It's just a damn wedding date

A cute checklist telling everyone that the groom and bride are ready but the wedding date has got a big question mark on it. 

This corona, I tell you!

For the Bollywood couple, you can go for something cute like this with a filmy reference. The dulha-dulhan are still on the same page but it's the Coronavirus that's creating all the problem. 2020 couples, we feel you!

There's something magical about that rock

You're prolonging your engagement 'coz let's admit it, it's a beautiful phase. Your ring looks great on you and maybe becoming a Mrs just needs a little more time.

Oh! Everyone will take you up on that

We're pretty sure, once this is all over everyone will be flocking to the hip clubs in town and Corona beer will be in high demand. So don't worry, those huge bashes you wanted to have before the wedding are still going to happen.

Guys, just a tip, stay as calm as possible. Read happy stuff and focus on being as positive as you can. We'll all get through this together.

Image Source: Infinite Memories Instagram