There Is A Fourth Powerpuff Girl & We’re In Love With Her!

There Is A Fourth Powerpuff Girl & We’re In Love With Her!

“Fighting crime, trying to save the world. Here they come just in time, the Powerpuff Girls!”

Now that we’ve gotten the song stuck in your head, we have some great news! There is a new Powerpuff girl introduced in its Power of Four series and she isn’t white. What we wouldn’t have given to grow up with a diverse range of cartoon characters to look up to. And finally, Cartoon Network has decided to bless us with the presence of Bliss aka Blisstina.

She is an angsty teenager (Just makes her more awesome) struggling to control her emotions, created by Professor Utonium years ago. She is Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup’s older sister and loves them! With blue hair, purple eyes and coloured skin, she is officially my favourite Powerpuff girl now.

Bliss Powerpuff Girl

Maybe you should get a dress like Bliss this halloween?

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Image Source: Cartoon Network