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What Comes First: Foundation Or Concealer? We Settle It Once And For All!

What Comes First: Foundation Or Concealer? We Settle It Once And For All!

Much like the eternal mystery of what came first, the chicken or the egg is a classic makeup debate that never seems to settle. When it comes to our base, what do we apply first: foundation or concealer? While there aren't any set rules on how you apply your makeup, some people apply foundation before concealer and the others apply it after concealing.

Which method is right? We asked a makeup artist what their approach was and here's what we concluded...

There's no set rule, it needs to be approached on a case-to-case basis

Meghna Butani, celebrity hair and makeup artist says, "I usually start with concealer, complete the full face of makeup and then come back and conceal the under eyes and then powder everything to set it in place! The goal is to achieve even-toned skin so how you do it doesn't really matter." 

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Everybody's skin is different and what may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. If you have intense dark circles you may need to go in with a colour corrector before you begin your foundation. In this case, the right order would be colour corrector - foundation - concealer. 

If acne prone skin and blemishes are your concern, you could follow the same approach. If you conceal blemishes before applying your foundation, the concealer will invariably move around when you start blending in your foundation. If you don't want to use a colour corrector, the ideal way to go about concealing would be to apply your foundation first and then go in with a concealer on spots and blemishes. 

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Published on Sep 3, 2018
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