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The Food Was Air-Dropped At The Ambani Engagement & We're Screaming 'EXTRA'!

The Food Was Air-Dropped At The Ambani Engagement & We're Screaming 'EXTRA'!

Needless to say the Ambani engagement has been one giant extravaganza and almost a festival in its own right. Starting from the mehendi ceremony, then the pre-engagement party and then of course the big, fancy engagement. But obviously, if your last name is Ambani, extra is your middle name. After all, the eldest bahu of the family has to be welcomed with all the dhoom dhaam there is.

Everything was grand at the festival, wasn't it? (Yes, we're now calling it a festival.) The giant floral decor and installations, the top-class designer outfits, the fabulous guest list and even the entertainment. We're sure you saw the flash mob where everyone in the B-town grooved to Gal Mithi Mithi and were lead by SRK himself! 

But if you think all this was grand, trust us honey there's more. Shah Rukh Khan even hosted the evening and teased the younger Ambani brother, Anant with his girlfriend. I mean the superstar and heartthrob of India taking the stage and teasing you, only the Ambani's could have pulled that one off!

Not just this, even the food at the Ambani wedding was fancy AF. While normal desi shaadis have a buffet with four cuisines and you're like there's so much variety of food, nope too basic for the clan living in Antalia. They actually air dropped the food through these aerial installations. Yup, you heard that right... Air-dropped food!

I mean, we've head of God's manna dew falling from the sky for Jews in the dessert but food coming on balloons for guests at a wedding, that's a first for sure!

Another foodgasm sight at the party was hostesses carrying around huge transparent umbrellas with chocolate hanging from them. 


Image Source- India Today

And we thought we used umbrellas to save ourselves from the rain, guess not!

Well, luxury and OTT redefined? Guess so!