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"Do Not Provide Serivces Ouside India": Flipkart Lands In Trouble Over Inaccurate Comment

"Do Not Provide Serivces Ouside India": Flipkart Lands In Trouble Over Inaccurate Comment

A statement made on social media never goes away and the same was witnessed firsthand by e-commerce giant Flipkart which found itself in hot water over an exchange on Facebook. Continue reading to find out what ensued when a customer raised a query about deliveries in Nagaland and how everything went haywire. 

Flipkart In Trouble Over Incorrect Comment

A Facebook user asked the retail giant about why deliveries were still an issue in Nagaland. "Why is Flipkart not delivering to Nagaland? We still didn't get independence and we are still a part of India. Treat all states equally areeh!" wrote the user. In response, and as what can only be cited as a customer care debacle, the official Flipkart handle replied that they did not provide services "outside India". Which is obviously beyond strange given that the conversation was about an Indian state. Take a look at the now-deleted exchange below. 

Flipkart controversy

The erroneous comment over Nagaland not being a part of the country was obviously a careless one but nevertheless, it once again shed light on the prejudice that people from the north-eastern state and neighbouring areas still face in their own country. The e-commerce company, which is Singaporean with its headquarters located in Bangalore, was quick to delete its response and apologise with another statement on the social media platform. 

“We are extremely sorry about the inadvertent error earlier. We strive to ensure serviceability across the nation, including regions in Nagaland. We are happy to connect with you and provide currently available options,” it read. 


Twitter Reacts To Flipkart's Comments

Till the time the entire situation could be taken into account, the news had made its way to Twitter and users didn't mince their words in getting their thoughts heard. Some wondered about the ignorance on the company's part while others were more outspoken about expressing themselves. Here's taking a look at some of the reactions below. 

This is hardly the first time that an irresponsible response on social media found itself the subject of scrutiny. But it goes without saying that given the resources at hand and the extensive information available, it would serve brands better to hold themselves to be more accountable. 

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