#ManeTalk: Flamboyage Is The Bright New Hair Colour Trend To Try This Season

#ManeTalk: Flamboyage Is The Bright New Hair Colour Trend To Try This Season

Ladies, nothing can stop you from getting that well-blended hair colour now!

Beach tresses are tempting but bleached colour hair puts you off, doesn’t it? And you’ve seen how beautifully blended hair colour can look flawless which is enough for you to forget that it’s not natural. So, welcome a colour technique that is here to give you natural, sun-kissed highlights without actually spending on a beach holiday - ‘flamboyage’.   


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Created by mega stylist at Blue Tit Salons, Angelo Seminara, this technique borrows the method from both ombré and balayage resulting in hair depth, vibrant colours and a natural look that promises to eliminate regrowth and obvious roots.


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For application, the hairstylist uses a transparent, adhesive paper called Flamboyage Meche, which is a large strip of self-stick paper and is created to be practical, versatile and easy-to-use, allowing hairstylists to be accurate in their part. As the stripes are clear, you can see your hair colour through them before they’re removed.

The selected hair is placed on the Flamboyage Meche just like in balayage and excess hair is creatively removed so the hair left in the adhesive will be coloured. That’s what gets the natural flow of colour. Once, that is done, the panel is folded in half and sealed.  

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about the type of hair you have because flamboyage works for all hair types - grey, thick, fine, curly and straight.

Don’t worry about the post-colour care, just relax and breathe because unlike other hair colouring techniques, this one is low maintenance, seriously. Celebs such as Jessica Biel and Miranda Kerr have already approved of this trend.

So beachy waves? Yes, please! 


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Now, pick your colour and head to the salon!

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