Social Distancing? Here's How You Can Use This Time To Plan A Killer Summer Wardrobe

Social Distancing? Here's How You Can Use This Time To Plan A Killer Summer Wardrobe

As we navigate our ways through these uncertain times, it is but natural to feel a little anxious every now and then. A general sense of fear prevails while we all stay indoors during lockdown and the pandemic scares are still not showing any signs of abating. However, we seem to be losing sight of an important fact here. This happens to be a great time to reflect on life and things around us. This is also a great time to upgrade your life and your everyday choices, including your wardrobe.

So, it's a perfect opportunity to plan and envision your summer wardrobe and more importantly, your fashion choices. It's time we re-think fashion, our buying habits, and more. On board with the idea? Here are five hacks that'll help you rethink and plan your wardrobe for the post lockdown days:

Make A List

Who What Wear

Like we haven’t said it enough by now: learn the difference between normal buying and hoarding. One basic white shirt is a need, even 2-3 of them are alright but anything more than that is simply bonkers. It's a great time to think about things that we actually need this season and stuff that we can simply do without. You can make a list of things you need this season and stick to that instead of impulse buying the next time you go shopping. So being with the basics. For instance, if you don’t have a versatile pair of trousers then, by all means, put it down on that list. Also, following season’s trends would be a good exercise to determine your list. 


From exaggerated collars to bermuda shorts, you may have signposted a plethora of trends from the Spring/Summer’20 runways. But you are yet to find out what suits you the best and what just kills your vibe, right? Think of quarantine as a time out where you reflect on exactly that. Closely observe the summer trends, keep following them till you are sure that you’d like to stock on them later. You can also check out how the celebrities have been styling these trends, think about how you’d like to style them or find out pieces you may already have in your wardrobe. Focus on things that’ll be easy to style without purchasing a ton of other stuff to go with them. A waistcoat, for instance, will go equally well with your trousers, denims, skirts, and shorts provided that you purchase the right one.

Focus On Basics


It was for years that I kept purchasing “statement” pieces only to realise that it’s the basics that serve you the best. Now, when I say basics what I mean is an arsenal of wardrobe pieces that are good enough to be styled in a number of ways. Make this the underlying principle that dictates all your wardrobe choices. For instance, opt for a pair of relaxed trousers over-embellished denim. While both are trendy right now, it’s the utility that trumps the choice. And while trends are all fine to play with, never give up on the classics. 

Explore brands


While most of us might have remained fixated to the same old brands, it’s a great time to explore newer brands and what they have to offer. Go through Instagram stores, scroll through new brands on Myntra, Ajio, Amazon, you might end up surprising yourself. For instance, it was just yesterday that I chanced upon this really chic Insta store called CherryBomb Online and I cannot wait for the quarantine to get over so as to explore their stylish offerings.   

Go Sustainable


Now is a very good time to observe your consumption practices and to brainstorm on making them more sustainable. Contrary to how a lot of us approach it, being sustainable is not really an option but a need. This is time to re-think what goes behind the making of the clothes you wear, their fabrics, and the entire supply chain for that matter. Go online and read about your favourite brand, see if they follow the industry norms, treat their artisans right, and use ethically sourced fabrics. And based on your findings, think about the wardrobe changes that you should be making. Go sustainable because there’s literally nothing more fashionable than that. 

Lastly, keep working on all aspects of your lives during the quarantine. For you never know, unprecedented as the current events might be, once all of this gets over there would be aspects of our lives that would have changed for good. 

 Featured Image: Unsplash