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7 Girls Talk About... Their First Ever Orgasm!!

7 Girls Talk About... Their First Ever Orgasm!!

There are many ‘firsts’ in life and we do remember most of them. Like the first time you kissed a guy or the first time you had sex...such experiences stay with us forever. But do you remember what you first orgasm was really like? Well, we don’t know about you, but some girls on Whisper do and they shared their experiences. Read on to know what these girls had to say about their first ever orgasm...

1. ‘I wonder if anyone else knows about this.’ - Hahahahahahahahaha!

2. ‘I involuntarily punched my boyfriend in the face.’ - Poor guy! This wasn’t the return gift he was expecting...

3. ‘It happened because of a dream…’ - Yep! There are different kinds of orgasms after all...

4. ‘When I orgasmed for the first time I fainted.’ - Was it THAT good? *Wink*

5. ‘Can’t believe I’ve been faking it for so long.’ - Tell us you didn’t fake it after that?

6. ‘I didn’t get to enjoy it because my boyfriend started freaking out…’ - Well, we’re guessing it was his first time too...

7. ‘When I had my first orgasm, I gained a whole new understanding…’ - That’s quite interesting...

We found these confessions here on Whisper. Okay, so what was your first *orgasm* like? Images: Whisper
Published on Dec 13, 2016
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