We Finally Have A Show That Tells Us The *Real* Story Of Indian Women

We Finally Have A Show That Tells Us The *Real* Story Of Indian Women

We are all looking for something that doesn't just inspire us, but something that resonates with our life. So, we found a show that will not only inspire you, but will make you feel like it is narrating your story! 

'Surina & Mel' is a show that showcases two Indian American best friends living in NYC - it's messy, funny, and bold. While we're partial to fictional shows, we have been craving to see a show that is real and relatable. According to the conceptualiser of the show, Melanie,  "The show is actually inspired by our real-life friendship, where we play exaggerated, fictional versions of ourselves. Melanie’s character is poised and super type A, while Surina’s character is loud, brash, and non-committal. Audiences will get to see this odd couple lean on each other as they deal with their lives as grown-ups -  in the dating world, working the New York City hustle, living life in a way that doesn’t please their parents, and learning that adulting is really hard! And while these girls might not always see eye to eye, they have each others' backs at all costs."

Watch the super cool teaser of the show here:

When we asked her about what really prompted her to start the show, she said, "Surina and I have been friends for ages and have always shared the same sense of absurd humour. We started to collaborate on writing and performing our own comedic sketches and grew even closer. As actresses, we always wanted to play characters on screen that had Indian cultural roots but defied all the stereotypes we keep seeing in mainstream media. The problem was... no one was writing these parts. So we decided to create these roles ourselves - not just for us, but for all the other Indian first gen girls who want to see themselves and their friends reflected on screen in all their progressive, messy glory."

When we asked Melanie why she chose to tell a story of women living abroad, she said, "We’ve lived in NYC for many years now and wanted to create a show on our home turf since we know the scene so well. There is such a vibrant Indian community and there are endless adventures that us modern day women can experience in 'the city that never sleeps.' We think the world will be intrigued to peek into our specific ecosystem and will stay because the themes are universal to all friendships out there."

Now all we have to do is...wait for the show to air! 

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