When You Send ‘Fifty Shades’ Sexts To Bae - This Is HILARIOUS!

When You Send ‘Fifty Shades’ Sexts To Bae - This Is HILARIOUS!
When you are in a relationship, things can get a bit monotonous after a while...and so what do you do to spice things up? You sext! Well, of course you can do a lot more to make your relationship interesting, but let’s talk about sexting. We often run out of ideas after sexting for a while and are always looking for new ways to get things hot and heavy! So while I was Googling ‘new sexts to send to your boyfriend’, I came across a post by Redbook, and man it’s the funniest thing you will read today. The post was titled 8 Husbands React to Their Wives Texting Them Lines From Fifty Shades Darker and I couldn’t help but read it. Author Samantha Lefave had managed to convince a few of her friends to try this as a lark, and her story features sexting screenshots from the couples. And all the sexts were dialogues from Fifty Shades Darker, obviously. The conversations were hilarious and so I decided to pick some bits from the post and share it with you all. Read on and have a good time! (And yes, go read the full conversations in the original post too!)

1. Hahaha! This is so funny!

1 fifty shades darker

2. In which the man in question got maybe a bit too excited! *Wink*

2 fifty shades darker

3. Umm, FAIL!

3 fifty shades darker

4. Someone got it almost right…

4 fifty shades darker

5. Typical man behaviour, this.

5 fifty shades darker

6. Haha, he is totally buying it…NOT.

6 fifty shades darker

7. Someone’s a grammar nazi…

7 fifty shades darker You can read the full story here on Redbook! (All the images used in our story are snippets from Samantha Lefave’s story on Redbook.) So when are you going to send these sexts to your boyfriend? *Wink*