Women And Men Orgasm Differently. Here’s What You Should Know About Female Ejaculations

Women And Men Orgasm Differently. Here’s What You Should Know About Female Ejaculations

Anything related to sex is always interesting to read, isn’t it? You most definitely will go through this one too. And you should, really, because this is going to be super interesting...and maybe rather surprising as well. Here’s everything you need to know about female ejaculation! 

Because, you know what? Women and men come differently. You think you know what happens when a woman orgasms? Think again, because women ejaculating may not be rocket science; but, it's a science, nevertheless. 

1. There are nine types of orgasms

The most famous ones being the clitoral orgasm, the vaginal orgasm and the G-Spot orgasm. Here’s something more interesting that the alphabet world hadn’t told us - there are C spots, A spots and O spots too.

image 1 female ejaculations

2. Orgasms Galore

An average male orgasm lasts for about seven seconds while an average female orgasm lasts for up to 26 seconds. We got the good stuff going on for us, don’t we? Plus, we have multiple orgasms, too.

3. Squirting Isn’t For Everyone

Some women wheeze, others squirt. That’s not to say you can’t squirt, period. But squirting requires him to really push all the right buttons in all the right places and for you to really relax and let go of any inhibitions. A lot of times, most women are hesitant when it comes to squirting because it could feel a lot like peeing. So letting the guard down and let your vagina do its thing is important if you really want to squirt. Having said that, as long as you’re climaxing and well, that’s what matters.

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4. It’s complicated

Female ejaculations are complex. When a woman orgasms, she need not necessarily ejaculate; or she can ejaculate without actually coming at all. Intensified orgasms don’t mean that she has to squirt. It doesn’t work that way.

5. Accidental urination can happen

Vaginas are very, very sensitive. Since the female urethra is situated very close to the clitoris, some women may actually pee while coming. But this rarely happens, so it’s nothing to be alarmed about. 

image 3 female ejaculations

6. The more a woman ejaculates, the more the pleasure?

Here’s the thing about sex: It’s good even when it’s bad. But, in due time, you reach a point where quality trumps quantity. This is when your partner and the connection the two of you share become equally important to ensure that the experience of ssex, in itself, is pleasurable enough for you. Having said that, an orgasm does help calm the nerves, put you in a good place; both, mentally and physically. But sex is no different from pleasure. An orgasm is merely the extent of that pleasure.

Image Courtesy: Pexels