13 Sweet Father-Daughter Illustrations Will Make You Go Aww! | POPxo
13 Sweet Father-Daughter Illustrations Will Make You Go Aww!

13 Sweet Father-Daughter Illustrations Will Make You Go Aww!

There’s no one who can love a daughter like her father. No matter how many men you meet, you be friends with, you date, there won’t be anyone who will ever love you like your dad does. And the thought of leaving him someday is one of the most uncomfortable of all the crazy thoughts that a girl has. Here are some illustrations that we found on Instagram by a super talented Russian artist, Soosh, that proves that you can’t live without your dad because he is the best! All these moments will make you celebrate this Father’s day with your daddy, and relive your ‘papa ki pari’ moments. Because wherever you go, you will always be a daddy’s girl, won’t you?!

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1. When he got you ready for school!

2. When he protected you from each and everything…even sunlight!

3. When fun time meant having ice-cream and pancakes with him…

4. When you helped him cook for you…

5. When you got hurt and he cried…

6. When he got hurt and your tiny hands did as much as they could...

7. When he helped you fix your room because…mom!

8. When your paintings were SO important to him…

9. When he read you your favourite book over and over again…

10. When even helping him with daily chores was fun…

11. When he tried his best to make that pony for you while you put nail paint on his toe!

12. When you discovered you were born with same habits as your dad!

13. When you played around with his belongings!

These are so adorable!

Published on Jan 19, 2019
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