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"Fat Girls Are Modern Art": This Girl's Posts Are AMAZING!

"Fat Girls Are Modern Art": This Girl's Posts Are AMAZING!

Ever so often, we see people being shamed for some or the other reason. Why is it SO important for some people to comment on others - their bodies and their works, rather than just focusing on their own?! We cannot just blame society, for society, after all, is made up of people just like you and me. However, in this society, we love girls who take a stand! This is how eventually we can do our bit, and not just sit and complain about what’s happening. Minahil Mahmood, a 20-year-old plus size model, is quite famous on Instagram, where she promotes self love and body positivity. Her pictures and captions for people who fat shame are just BANG ON!
In one post, she wrote… “Our society is distorted because there's even "right" ways to be fat. There's good and "bad" fat. There's right and wrong. You can have belly, but not too much. You can be chubby, but you should have a smaller waist. I'm not delusional and I'm not gonna act like I don't benefit from society's ideals as a lighter woman with belly and little stretch marks. But it hurts knowing that even within our communities there are stigmas around bodies. I want you to know that I support and love your body, no matter fucking what. Our big arms are beautiful, our double chins deserve to be caressed and loved. If you're a fat girl with small butt and boobs, you are still so valuable and crucial to us. If you don't have the ideal chubby body, you mean so much to me. You are breaking boundaries just by being here and being you. I hope you don't get discouraged and lose your voice, if you do - it's not your fault. We have been fed this since we were little. For fuck’s sake there's a TRILLION dollar industry telling us we will never be good enough for the world. Every step we take on this planet is revolutionary. This is for everyone with an unconventional body. I love you, I pray I get to be in all of your presences one day.” 1 fat shaming Image: Bad Seed on Instagram She also wrote… “Fat girls are modern art!” 2 fat shaming Image: Bad Seed on Instagram Her caption read… “Shoutout to the girls with big bellies and little bellies, belly rolls and back rolls, round hips and cute little hips, hip dips and cellulite, tiny stretch marks all over the booty or big stretch marks all over your belly, it don't matter baby!” 3 fat shaming Image: Bad Seed on Instagram Thank you for spreading the message that fat shaming is an awful thing! We must be comfortable in our own skin and we must love ourselves… You go, girl! Featured image: Bad Seed on Instagram
Published on Sep 27, 2016
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