All The Fashion Ideas To Steal From The Veeres For Your Veere Di Wedding!

All The Fashion Ideas To Steal From The Veeres For Your Veere Di Wedding!

Apart from giving me a good list of peppy songs, some serious friendship goals and a hashtag that I will be using at all the weddings I have to attend this year, Veere Di Wedding gave me one more thing - a whole lot of fashion inspiration for my bestie ki shaadi. Every character in the movie is impeccably dressed in all the shaadi scenes, and therefore I picked out the 9 things that I completely, totally, truly loved! Here you go:

1. Sonam's glam gold look


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How pretty does Sonam look in her all-gold outfit in Kareena's engagement scene?! We really love the stringy criss-cross pattern of her choli. Instead of a typical dupatta, the outfit had a cape running at the back. So sexy and so comfortable! 

2. Sonam's gorgeous Kashmiri-style earrings

WE just had to give these gorgeous earrings a special mention. They are GRAND! 

3. Swara's pastel ruffle-sleeved blouse...

... with a shimmery unicorn coloured lehenga skirt! If you think you are as sassy as Swara is in Veere Di Wedding, then you can definitely pull off something like this.

4. Shikha's colourful outfit that is sangeet night goals!

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The gorgeous blue colour is very royal in itself, and mixed with a pretty rani pink shade it looks even more endearing. If your body type is also on the curvier side, then a full-length anarkali or a lehenga with a floor length jacket could be a great outfit option for you.

5. Sonam's antique silver earrings

Screenshot %2874%29

I want!!! 

6. Swara's thigh-high slit skirt and denim jacket worn on top of a sexy criss-cross pattern blouse

Screenshot %2869%29

There's a reason why Swara was my favourite character in the movie. She was sexy, unapologetically sassy and dressed to kill. She wore the most uniquely bizarre outfits and nailed them to the T! After all, how many of us can actually pull off this combination with such ease? 

7 & 8. Swara's pastel pink pants with a cape and Sonam's summery lehenga with a puff-sleeved blouse...


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The summer season is on in full swing and if your veere too is getting married in this zaalim weather, then you must take some inspo from the easy-breezy outfits of Sonam and Swara from Kareena's bridal entry scene. I also love Sonam's sheer puffed blouse sleeves.

8. Shikha's earrings 

So royal, so pretty! 

9. Shikha's blingy blouse with tassel detailing on the hem...

And she's totally slayin' it!

So, got enough fashion inspo for your veere di wedding?