Your Favourite Fashion Brands Are Now Committing To Sustainability!

Your Favourite Fashion Brands Are Now Committing To Sustainability!

With time, more and more fashion brands are moving towards sustainable and eco-friendly options. Well-known brands such as H&M often face backlash for being insensitive towards the environment, in fact, the brand recently was recently in news for as sensitive issue as racism, but H&M was quick to apologise once pressure from social media built. Likewise, after excessive pressure, 64 companies including H&M, Zara, Asos, Kering and Target have decided to commit themselves to practise sustainable fashion by 2020 as a part the effort by Global Fashion Alliance.   

All brands are preparing to do their bit to commit to sustainability. Asos is planning to train its design team to get rid of non-recyclable materials. On the other hand, Adidas will be increasing its collection of used clothing in order to stay committed to the cause.

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As per the reports, Global Fashion Alliance has given the companies liberty to create targets on an individual level. They have to keep updating GFA each year about it and in return, GFA will publish a progress report. “We have now reviewed all 143 of the targets, and although the focus areas and levels of engagement vary from company to company, they all share a common feature by taking steps to transition to a circular fashion industry,” Eva Krause, CEO of GFA told a leading portal.

Guilt-free shopping is certainly way more fun!