5 Fascinating Facts About Body Hair We Bet You Did Not Know!

5 Fascinating Facts About Body Hair We Bet You Did Not Know!

One of the reasons why body hair gets plenty of hate is because we know very little about it. More than accepting the hair on our body, we spend hours in the bathroom and salon getting it waxed and shaved. Removing body hair has started to feel more like a chore and if not done correctly, it can be extremely painful. Rather than trying to get rid of body hair, let's take a moment to learn a thing or two about it. 

Interesting Things You Need To Know About Your Body Hair

You'll never look at your body hair in the same light ever again!

Shaving Exfoliates The Skin

One of the perks of shaving is that while it gets rid of the hair on the body, it also exfoliates the skin at the same time. You see, each time you shave, the razor blade cuts the hair and scrapes off the outer layer of your skin as well. For a smooth shave, use a new razor and be gentle while shaving. If you aren't careful, you could run the risk of hurting yourself and damaging your skin.

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Too Much Body Hair? Blame It On Your Genes!


Some say that a gene called SOX3 is responsible for excess body hair. Others say it is a hormonal condition. If you're starting to observe more hair growth on the chin, chest, stomach, fingers, breasts, arms and legs, book an appointment with your gynaecologist. They will help you understand the reason for excess body hair. If you have any doubts with regard to their advice, do take a second opinion by consulting another doctor as well.

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There Are Two Types Of Body Hair!

Wait? What! Two types of body hair sound insane, but it's true! Take a look at the hair on your underarm area and pubic region, now compare it to the hair on your arms and legs. Notice any difference? Yes, one has thick hair growth and the other has fine hair growth. Interestingly, the underarm and bikini area, have plenty of sweat glands called apocrine. Apocrine glands are responsible for body odour and reduce friction that's caused between the clothes and bare skin. The fine hair present on the other parts of the body are deeply rooted in the eccrine sweat glands. Those sweat glands are primarily responsible for controlling the body's temperature. 


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Your Body Hair Doesn't Need Special Products


There are many pube oils and body hair oils out there in the market. To tell you the truth, you don't need them! Your skin is capable of keeping your body hair moisturised and nourished naturally. To keep the skin healthy, always moisturise it often with a good quality body lotion or body oil. 


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Shaving Does Not Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

Do you know what shaving does? It just cuts the middle part of the hair follicle and allows the rest of the hair to grow back as it normally would. Since shaving does not remove the follicle bulb, hair grows back in 3-5 days and the hair now has a blunt tip that gives one the illusion of thicker hair. Waxing pulls out the follicle bulb and thus the new hair takes a longer time to grow back. 

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Which of these body hair facts did you find the most fascinating? Tbh, they're all pretty cool!

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