What's So Funny About Kapil Sharma's New Show? Turns Out, Nothing Much!

What's So Funny About Kapil Sharma's New Show? Turns Out, Nothing Much!

If you are feeling bad about having missed Kapil Sharma's new show called Family Time With Kapil Sharma that aired on Sunday night, let's just save you the trouble and tell you that you haven't after all missed out on anything. Or so the folk of Twitter seem to think. Let's recap a bit... 

Almost a year ago, Kapil Sharma started his own show went on to become the most popular comedian in the industry. His comedy show swayed the TRP charts of Indian television, with celebs making a bee-line to be a part of the once-upon-a-time coveted show. Sharma built a loyal fan base that came back, night after night, to watch him crack the audience up. In fact, so doting were his fans that even after Kapil Sharma's show shifted to another channel, they continued to watch his show, unfailingly. 

However, things took an ugly turn when Kapil started getting into constant and ugly fights with his team members. His show shut down and he supposedly went into depression due to the same reason for a couple of months, and since then he has been trying to make amends to industry insiders as well as to his own career. And people being the loyal fans of the TV host and comedian, believed in Kapil Sharma when he announced a comeback with a new show, called Family Time With Kapil Sharma. 

But, time, once lost does not come back. And Kapil Sharma's comedy timing seems to be at an end. 

The first episode was aired last night and the fans were really excited to see the comedian back on TV to get them laughing out loud. However, this wasn't the case, as many fans called his show boring and were highly disappointed. Here's some of the responses to Kapil Sharma's show on Twitter.  









If you did watch the show last night and agree to disagree with these Twitter users, share your experience of the show iwth us. In the meantime, we'd really like the old Kapil Sharma to come to the phone right now...