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‘Who Run The World? GIRLS!’ This Video Is AWESOME!!

‘Who Run The World? GIRLS!’ This Video Is AWESOME!!

We’ve all grown up reading fairytales that paint a picture of an ‘ideal’ life for all of us - a damsel in distress, and then Prince Charming walks into her life and takes all her troubles away. And after reading those fairy tales, we fell at least a little in love with the idea of love. With the idea of looking perfect. With the idea of being tall, fair, docile and skinny. But have you ever wondered why wasn’t Snow White, Cinderella or any other fairy tale princess not-so-fair, not-so-thin, not-so-demure? It’s only as we grow up that we realize that the problem with fairy tales is that they set unrealistic standards and expectations for us. And frankly, hideously sexist standards and expectations too. And this new East India Comedy video called 'Fairy Fails' talks about exactly that. Funny, relatable and oh-so-true, this video is showcasing why we should talk more about independent successful women instead of fictional characters...and you HAVE to watch this one. So go ahead and hit play!
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Published on Mar 8, 2017
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