Butt-Masking Is Now A Thing... And Your Booty's Gonna Love It!

Butt-Masking Is Now A Thing... And Your Booty's Gonna Love It!

Didn't it feel like just yesterday when we wrapped our heads around sheet masks? Move aside Korean beauty, butt-masking is now a thing. Whoever told you squats were the only way to getting the perfect tush was clearly lying! Squats definitely tone up your derriere BUT we found out that skin care for your butt is just as important as those sheet masks for your face. A lot of brands have decided to hop up on the hype train and give your butt a makeover. Kiss goodbye to butt-acne and cellulite cause these masks are going to give you pristine peaches! 

This beauty-duo from the brand Anese has a booty scrub and a mask that help with dry skin, cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes all whilst plumping that booty. 

butt mask butt masking

While these may not be easily available you can always slap on your favourite face mask on your derriere. Whether you're treating the face or your base or any other part of your body, the ultimate goal remains the same, right? A good cleanse, tone and moisturise regime! And if it's good enough for your face it's DEFINITELY good enough for your bum, right? Right.

I love using clay masks to clear acne, exfoliate, tighten and brighten my skin. One of my all time favorites has been the Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask. I'm taking this as the perfect opportunity to give my peaches some pampering before my next beach vacay!

Three Basic Steps For Your Butt Care

Step 1: Exfoliation is key

Just like your face needs deep cleansing to get rid of the impurities your butt also need exfoliation on a regular basis. Just make sure that you don't over exfoliate your skin because then it will respond to the damage with melanin. This will lead to scraping off your skin resulting in sores or dark spots on your butt. So be gentle on your butt while you are scrubbing it to deep cleanse it. For the people who sweat a lot exfoliating should be done frequently like a ritual.

If you have stretch marks on your butt then you should use a mask containing coffee. Caffeine helps to tighten the skin. Start exfoliating your scrub and you will see the difference in two weeks. Scrub!

Step 2: Tighten and brighten!

Using a butt mask can help your butt to get the required nourishment. Its ingredients work to remove the impurities and reducing the appearance of large pores which ruin your butt beauty. Our butt needs the same care and attention just like our face. Doing butt masking for 15-20 minutes or the duration suggested by the particular masks will leave your butt super smooth and glowing.

Use your favourite clay mask.

Step 3: Hydrate!

If you're feeling wild, you can always put on a sheet mask (or two) and wake up to a hydrated tush! Alternatively, you can use a good body moisturizer or body oil.

Happy masking ladies. Boys, this is definitely one tush you're going to love to caress!

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