Exclusive: Bigg Boss 12 Ex-Contestant Anup Jalota Says His Relationship With Jasleen Was An Act!

Exclusive: Bigg Boss 12 Ex-Contestant Anup Jalota Says His Relationship With Jasleen Was An Act!

Bhajan singer Anup Jalota entered Bigg Boss Season 12 with singer and model Jasleen Matharu and created a controversy from day one. Jasleen and Anup Ji were one of the couples on the show, but after last night's elimination, Anup Ji confessed that Jasleen isn't his girlfriend. 

In an exclusive interview with POPxo, evicted Bigg Boss Season 12 contestant Anup Jalota talked about his journey on the show and cleared the air about his relationship with student Jasleen Matharu. Read to know more.

1. Tell us about your experience and your journey on the show.

It was amazing. I definitely want to go back because I miss sleeping for eight hours straight without worrying about anything. I had a lot of fun there, my health also got way much better while I was in the Bigg Boss house. We had so much time to do yoga and exercises that I lost 4kgs. So, I think if I go back and stay there for another month or two, then I'll probably be the next Bigg Boss host instead of Salman.

2. Who is your favourite contestant?

My favourite is Urvashi. She's very sweet and honest and she means what she says.

3. Who do you think is going to win Bigg Boss?

I think Romil will be the winner because he's a lawyer which gives him an added advantage at being good at reading people and analysing them.

4. What's your relationship with Jasleen?

We had a very beautiful student-teacher relationship and that's what I even told Salman that "Hamaara bahot acchha guru-shishye relationship hai." Salman pointed out in the beginning that Jasleen didn't feel the same, but if you've watched the show, then you must have seen that I never did anything that would hint otherwise. I never did things like cuddling or anything that would give a wrong impression of me and her to the audience.

5. But then what about your date and the kiss?

The date was conducted by Bigg Boss and the kiss was nothing special. In fact, even Jasleen's father was shocked seeing the news, hearing about our relationship on the show. And because we weren't allowed to discuss this during the show, we couldn't clear the air out and tell people that we aren't in a relationship. Only when I came out, I could talk about it.

6. How was your reaction when Jasleen didn't give up her make-up and clothes for you?

I fought with her a lot, but we patched up again. Now, tell me did you like my acting during all that? Did you find it real? (Laughs) There were so many actors in the house, I gave them competition. Will I get an acting role after this? What do you think?

7. Who do you think is the villain in the house.

Surbhi because she's uses a lot of abusive words.

8. What are your thoughts about Sreesanth? Why is he always trying to run away?

I'll tell you one thing, "Agar koi aadmi per pe chal raha hai, usko koi nahi dekhega, par agar sar ke bal chale toh sab unko dekhenge." So, it's all about doing the odd thing and being the odd one out - in Sreesanth's case, that's always there. He always does this so all the cameras are on him. If he doesn't run out of the jail, then how will the cameras come to him right? That's his strategy!  

9. Any secrets in the house that you'd like to share with us?

I would like to talk about my nomination and say that they nominated me because I'm image conscious, and don't want to be involved in the gaali galoch in the house. Also, there's a secret door to exit the house and I've told Sreesanth about it, but he still doesn't leave the house and just threatens everyone for attention.

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