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Get Over Chai-Pakora: 20 Other Things To Do When It Rains!

Get Over Chai-Pakora: 20 Other Things To Do When It Rains!

When it’s pouring, the day feels really boring unless we take a call to step out in the rain, isn’t it? Well, it’s monsoon season and we feel your July showers don’t have to be boring at all. Here is a round up of a few exciting things you can do when it rains and of course, make it a memorable one. Take a look!

1. Deep condition your hair since it gets frizzy and unmanageable during monsoon.

2. Organize your own mini film fest.

3. Hosting a tea party is a great idea too!

4. Indulge in brushing up your mixology skills for your next cocktail party.

5. You can plan a vacation - for real, we mean!

6. Take a bubble bath.

6 exciting things to do indoors during rain

7. And then a monsoon selfie, of course!

8. You can listen to your rainy day playlist too.

9. You can stalk your ex, stalk your present or even your present’s ex!

10. It’s also the best time to summon the chef within your - and no, not just Chai & Pakora, of course!

11. Netflix and chill - always a good option!

12. You can scribble, draw, paint, play - get creative for a while!

13. Cuddle in bed and snore your way through the rain!

14.Uncork that fine wine bottle and read a book!

14 exciting things to do indoors during rain

15. Get busy in the bedroom with your guy! *Wink*

16. It’s a great time to decide clothes for the next party you’ll attend.

17. Indulge in some gossip sessions with your besties!

18. Just do some online shopping, maybe!

19. Look outside, enjoy the rain and sip a hot cup of coffee.

20. Or maybe just go out and take a rain shower - who’s stopping?

20 exciting things to do indoors during rain

You can thank us later!

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Published on Jul 16, 2017
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