Capitalism At Its Worst: A Bar In Delhi Is Selling 15 Mins Of Pure Oxygen For Rs. 300

Capitalism At Its Worst: A Bar In Delhi Is Selling 15 Mins Of Pure Oxygen For Rs. 300

Delhiite or not, we're sure you've heard of the air pollution in the capital. With AQI reaching 999 in some areas of the city, the air quality has been oscillating between severe and hazardous. Most of the population is sick and complaining about chest pain, cough, headache, and throat ache, and hospitals are overcrowded with patients. 

Amongst all this, a bar in Delhi is opening an oxygen station. What is that you may ask? We'll explain it to you.

This oxygen bar called Oxy Pure which opened in Saket in May this year offers pure oxygen for fifteen minutes for Rs. 299. Aryavir Kumar, the owner of the place thinks this is what citizens of Delhi-NCR need right now. 

Talking to India Today, Bonny Irengbam, the head of staff, said, "We provide oxygen with different aromas for fifteen minutes by controlling the pressure of the atmosphere. It has several benefits. The customer is provided with a tube and the person is required to inhale the flavoured oxygen from it."

You can get O2 in various flavours including lemongrass, orange, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender.

India Today

He also talked about the many health benefits that breathing oxygen has on people. He said, "Sleep patterns will improve while your skin will glow as well. It is also known to cure depression and aids in smooth digestion."

However, we think that places like these are just capitalising on the deathly condition in Delhi and that isn't okay. While privilege allows people to buy air purifiers, high-quality masks and now even oxygen we don't understand when this will be looked at in a holistic way. The AQI is still very high and is in the severe zone in most parts of Delhi-NCR but the government refuses to put a ban on industries increasing the pollution level. 

India Today

Apparently everything can be sold with a price tag in this world and now even oxygen has joined the list. Guess what, for 15 mins you can 'enjoy' O2 for Rs. 300. 😒

Image Source: India Today

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