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15 Last-Minute Ethnic Wear Hacks That Will Save Your Diwali Stylishly!

15 Last-Minute Ethnic Wear Hacks That Will Save Your Diwali Stylishly!

Since last week, we've been seeing a lot of gorgeous Diwali looks, thanks to the tonne of parties B-Town's been having. Trends were seen, colours made a comeback, and new drapes and styles inspired us to go all out this festive season. Take these latest looks, for example:


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Just yesterday, Kareena Kapoor Khan showed us the magic a traditional sharara suit can create when styled with the right potli bag, and the right jewellery.

Amrita Arora, on the other hand, showed us how to nail the Indo-western look this Diwali with a red strappy top and beige dhoti pants. And if that wasn't enough, she wore a matching cape and carried a small box clutch that perfectly complemented the embroidery on her outfit.


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Even Suhana Khan, the latest fashionista to walk the block, reaffirmed our faith in lehenga-sarees thanks to this gorgeous piece she wore from Monisha Jaising couture. No jewellery, no accessories, but oh-so-glamorous.


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Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her bespoke Amit Aggarwal saree showed us what a host should wear this party season.


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Take Ananya Panday's multicoloured skirt with a gold choli, for example, all it needed was a maangtika to turn it into a showstopper outfit.

These five celebrities and their five distinct looks got us thinking whether a designer outfit was all one needed to dress up for Diwali. The answer? No! Whether you wear a brand new, high-end dress or your old lehenga choli, there are certain fashion hacks that can ensure you do justice to the outfit. This #POPxoWaliDiwali, we present you 15 useful ethnic wear hacks that will give you the celeb-approved look easily. Here they are:

1. Gold/Beige, Silver, Black - The Three Must-have Blouses

Always keep these three blouses in your wardrobe and you will never have to worry about mixing and matching anymore. These versatile shades go with every other colour, and fabulously so. Ananya's outfit is valid proof.

2. Try The Complete Outfit With Jewellery And Heels At Least Once Before The Party

We all imagine ourselves in an outfit but that imagination doesn't always turn out right. It's a good idea to try the entire outfit including the jewellery, heels, and accessories once or twice before the big day. That way, your reality will live up to your imagination.

3. With Deep Blouse Designs or Backless Outfits, Ditch The Bra And Get Bra Cups Instead

As much as we all like to go all-out with our blouse designs, our bras aren't always the most adjusting. Rather than struggling to find the perfect bra with your outfit, make sure you get your blouses inserted with cups. Remember, the cup size should be slightly smaller than your actual bra size to avoid the cups from looking pointed and ill-shaped.


4. Wear Your Heels Before You Drape The Saree

After you are done with the blouse and the petticoat, wearing your heels is the next step in the process of saree draping. The heel height will let you decide how far up or down low you need to drape the saree, and how much fabric to tuck in.

5. Use A Hair Straightener To Even Out Creases

If your outfit hasn’t been ironed or has managed to get fresh creases and wrinkles while you were putting it on, a hair straightener can be a big help. Just smoothen out the wrinkles with the straightener (as you would in your hair), and you're good to go.

6. Secure Your Petticoat With A Bobby Pin To Prevent It From Getting Loose

The best way to make sure that your petticoat or lehenga skirt securing string doesn't loosen is to squeeze your stomach in or breathe in when securing it. Tying the petticoat tighter than needed may be uncomfortable for a few seconds but it works wonders. To doubly secure it, insert a bobby pin to keep the knot in place, and prevent the outfit from shifting.


7. Zipper Stuck Last Minute? Rub A Pencil To Ease Out

It's minutes before the function, you're putting on your skirt or blouse, and the zip gets stuck! Every woman knows that feeling! Well, save the heart attacks for when you are 80, 'coz a simple pencil can save you the trouble. The lead in the pencil acts as a lubricant and helps the metal zip glide as smooth as butter.

8. Skip A Few Pleats And Fold The Saree Inwards To Avoid Bulkiness

If you are trying to achieve the slim and sleek look like Shilpa Shetty, you can always do away with a few pleats. Just fold the saree about half a metre inside when you start draping it. This shortens the length of the saree and automatically reduces the number of pleats. It's also a useful hack for skinny people for whom pleats can become an added weight.

9. Pin Up The End Of The Saree Pallu To Dance Carefree

Saree pallus are a hassle to deal with at parties. But there is a life hack that will let you wear your favourite saree to a Diwali party, and shake a leg too. Pin up the loose end of the pallu to your saree or tuck it in your saree around the waist. Your pallu will stay put while you're showing off your moves.


10. Heavy Saree? Replace The Petticoat With Jeans

Wearing jeans instead of a petticoat ensures that there is adequate movement and zero risks of the saree unravelling. This gives a strong base to the saree and makes sure it stays in place.

11. Avoid Sweat Patches With Panty Liners Or Baby Wipes On Your Underarms

Stick panty liners in the underarm area of your blouse to avoid sweat patches. Just make sure to stick them properly so they don’t fall out. Alternatively, you can also use baby wipes. Not only are they soft and skin-friendly, but they also keep you fresh.

12. Go For Shorter Blouses To Look Taller In Ethnic Wear

This hack is a saviour for shorter women. Wearing a choli or a blouse that ends just below your bosom will show more skin and, thus, give the impression of a taller torso. At the same time, wear your saree or lehenga skirt just one inch below the navel.


13. Iron All Ethnic Outfits Inside Out

Ethnic wear often comes with heavy work, embellishments, and embroidery. Make sure to iron such outfits inside out so as not to ruin the design, the fabric or your iron. You can also invest in a good steam iron and fix all your wrinkle-woes.

14. Stick A Band-aid To Avoid Shoe Bites From Heels

Whether you plan on wearing traditional juttis or high heels, chances are your feet will get painful shoe bites and blisters due to the long hours you'll be wearing those shoes. One of the ways to prevent shoe bites is to stick a band-aid at the back of your ankle so that the shoes don't bite into your skin. How else do you think Bebo does it, eh? No more taking off the heels and tripping in your own pool of saree on the dance floor.

15. Get Strap Holders Inside Your Blouse To Ensure A No-Show

Nothing ruins your fancy outfit more than one lone bra strap peeping out of the confines of the blouse. Ask your tailor to insert strap holders underneath the shoulder part of the outfit to hold the bra in place. Now you can dance carefree all night long, ladies.


Now that you have your trusty hacks in tow, might we suggest also celebrating a clean and green Diwali. The #POPxoWaliDiwali is all about having fun without the pollution and the dirt, so go ahead, attend a #lit party and sport a #lit outfit, just be sure to keep it clean.

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