10 Empowering Quotes From Beyoncé To Inspire The Queen In You!

10 Empowering Quotes From Beyoncé To Inspire The Queen In You!

Let's just take a minute and acknowledge the fact that Beyoncé does run the world. Queen B has been ruling our hearts since Destiny's Child. The international pop star is not only an amazing performer but also an inspiring fashionista. There is no other artist who can set the stage ablaze as B does. She is our idea of beauty, grace, boldness, style, confidence and empowerment. She's the ultimate Girl Power icon, she's 'Flawless!'

On her birthday today, we take you through all the quotes from Beyoncé that are inspirational and will awaken the inner queen in you. Read on!

1. When she defined a true diva for us


2. Because you're so worth it, B!


3. I am my own boss!


4. But you must learn from it!


5. It indeed is a turn on


6. You are you and that's your superpower!


7. I make my own rules


8. Who run the world, girls!


9. Don't let anyone pull you down


10. Stand for what you believe in and then, fight for it!


Happy birthday, Beyonce! May you keep inspiring us for years to come.

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