Pavitra Punia Is Not My Therapist! Eijaz Khan Opens Up About Seeking Therapy

Pavitra Punia Is Not My Therapist! Eijaz Khan Opens Up About Seeking Therapy

Shaadi karlo sab theek ho jayega!

If you have already hit your last 20s and not ready to "settle down" yet (or ever) then chances are that you might have heard this or a variation of this statement at some point in life. For some reason, the general assumption goes that a relationship or marriage can automatically fix every single problem in life. Of course, this logic is flawed and obviously, that's not how it works. And yet some of us end up falling for it, actually hoping that our new partner would change the world for us and make us unbelievably happy.

However *spoiler alert* your partner is not your therapist! And seeking professional help is the way to go in case you have been struggling with your mental health. This realisation recently hit Eijaz Khan who is in a brand new relationship with Pavitra Punia. The two met inside the Bigg Boss house and throughout the run, the actor kept talking about how there have been incidents in the past that continue to haunt him. In a recent interview, Eijaz talked about how Pavitra supported him through it all and it's time for him to do what's best for their relationship.

"Currently, as a couple, we are working through a lot of things like families, COVID-19, getting out of the Bigg Boss mode, etc. I've also realised that I need to undergo therapy for certain things. People assume that when you are in a relationship, you are in a happy space and your companion is like your therapist, but that is not how it works. Pavitra is my companion and I want her to be that," Eijaz said in the interview and honestly, we are pretty impressed.


During the interview, Eijaz also talked about how the COVID-19 lockdown made him re-think his entire life. It was during this phase that he realised the need for dealing with his past and seeking therapy. Well, kudos to the actor for opening up about his mental health and seeking professional help to address it. We know it takes a lot of courage but acceptance is the biggest step and we are glad that Eijaz is already there. 

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