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Ed Sheeran And Beyoncé Dropped The 'Perfect' Duet And We're Swooning!

Ed Sheeran And Beyoncé Dropped The 'Perfect' Duet And We're Swooning!

It was on a clear November evening in the company of a gentle breeze and thousand sparkling stars, that Ed Sheeran gave his fans the concert of a lifetime in Mumbai. Swaying to the rhythm of his guitar, and in the glow of the flashlight of a hundred cell phones, Sheerios found their moment of pure love and happiness as Ed crooned all of our favourite songs. It was when he strummed the notes to ‘Perfect’ that everyone smiled wide and broke into the loudest applause I had ever heard in a live concert!

Knowing fully well the kind of effect the song brings on all of us, Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé gave us an early Christmas present and teamed up together for a duet on the song ‘Perfect’, and my beating heart cannot keep still! When Beyoncé swoops in with the beautiful words “I found a man, stronger than anyone I know..”, you can’t help but smile at the gorgeous texture her voice brings to the song, making it so much more romantic than it already is - who knew that was even possible?

The whole song comes together, of course, towards the end, when Ed and Queen Bey serenade each other’s powerful vocals, making you warm and giving you goosebumps all at the same time - a harmony that can be described in just one word: perfect.

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