Durex India's Recent Post About 'Boring Sex' Has Twitter Coming Up With 'Dirty' Excuses

Durex India's Recent Post About 'Boring Sex' Has Twitter Coming Up With 'Dirty' Excuses

Now that we have your attention, let's about sex, baby!

Sex is everything but boring, do you agree? What if someone tells you that your sex life CAN become mundane? How would you react to that? According to a global survey conducted by Durex India, a whopping 74% of Indians want to try something new in bed as the frequency of their bedroom antics is declining.

Durex India took to Twitter to share this surprising but not-so-boring fact from their survey with us. Take a look:

Did this piece of new information just rock your world? Well, Tweeple sure had a LOT of dirty and wild thoughts to share. Let's talk about erections, err...we mean reactions on Durex's #WhySoBoring tweet. Have a look:

Haha, Good One!


Really, Bhushan?


What a Weird Sex *Drive* You Have!


TMI Alert!


Facts Are Being Stated




Koi To Hain!


Didn't we make you laugh out loud? We did, right! So, if at all things aren't working or getting boring in the bedroom, here are a few points to help you:

You May Not Be Making The Right Noises In The Bedroom

Moaning is sexy, it definitely turns on your partner. The thing about sex is that the louder you get, the sexier it becomes. He just needs vocal encouragement that he is on the right track! Put those  “oohs” and “aahs” to good use then and watch them work their magic on your sex life.

Don't Be Shy

It is okay to be a little uncomfortable with your new partner initially, but don’t let it become a barrier between the awesome sex you guys can have! He wants it, you want it - make the first move and create some sexy magic between the sheets!

Are You Not Open About New Ideas And Positions?

Sex shouldn’t feel like an ordeal or a mundane activity that you must indulge in on a daily basis. You should want it, wanna have it - take charge, direct him, show him what he has been missing. All that good sex needs is equal participation from both sides. Communicate with your partner, talk about what you want in bed and ask him about what turns him on. 

Go Beyond Your Bedroom

Most couples have sex in just one place – in their bedroom. Of course, it’s convenient but can sometimes get boring. I mean, who are we fooling. The same thing at the same place - it's bound to become like exercise. Try it at different places (read on the staircase in your house, in the kitchen, in the shower, on the floor, in the backseat of your car).

After all, sex is #NotBoringAtAll! Don't you agree?  

Featured Image: Instagram

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