True Love Finds A Way: Dulquer Salman Reveals How He Was Destined To Marry Wifey Amal

True Love Finds A Way: Dulquer Salman Reveals How He Was Destined To Marry Wifey Amal

There are many times that love fails us or we fail it because we refuse to believe it or refuse to put in the necessary work it takes. But there are times when we find the one and all else fades away and the commitment and compromises seem petty in comparison to the love we feel. And those are the times we feel that the stars have aligned themselves to make us be with that person. 

Something similar happened to Zoya Factor actor, Dulquer Salman when he met Amal Sufia. Their story is an unconventional love tale and destiny has a played a huge role in it. They have been married for nine years now and are the proud parents of little Maryam Ameerah Salman. He's clearly a heartthrob of the nation and if his social media is any proof, he's an indulgent father and a doting husband too. 

However, you may not know that his marriage was actually an arranged one but as we said earlier, the stars may have aligned to get these two together.

In an interview, Dulquer revealed that it was actually his friends who had suggested Amal's name to him, who also happened to be his former schoolmate. 

The Karwan actor said, "My friends and family suggested the name of one of my schoolmates who was five years my junior. My friends started matching her bio-data with mine. Now, it so happened that on most of my outings, I would notice the same girl there as well. Or at times when I decided to watch a movie, surprisingly, she would also be there watching that same movie and the same show. Since I was bumping into her often unknowingly, I somehow felt it could be some celestial sign that I should get married to her."

"I informed my parents about this girl. Both the families met and connected immediately. So I can say it is a love-cum-arranged marriage", he added.

Awwww, doesn't this sound like a cute rom-com plot?!

Well, we're pretty much convinced that the line jodiyaan aasmano meh banti hai has some merit! Sending all our love to the Salmans, you guys are so adorable!

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