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You Go Girl! 'Dudette With Sign' Is Blessing Everyone With Concepts On Female Sexuality

You Go Girl! 'Dudette With Sign' Is Blessing Everyone With Concepts On Female Sexuality

I love the internet for so many things- being democratic, being informational but most importantly being hilarious. The best part of millennials who rule the internet world is that they have the ability to laugh at themselves. One such guy who everyone is currently crushing on is Seth, who you might know as Dude With A Sign. Yes, the same guy who holds up cardboard placards and writes nothing but the truth on them. 

To challenge him, we've now got some female representation in the market too. Meet, Beth aka @dudettewithsign, who talks about issues like consent, female sexuality, unrealistic beauty goals that women have to subscribe to, and gender-gap realities we all face.

All The Boards By Dudette With Sign We Double-Tapped On:

Fuckboi Alert!

Is Clitoris A Myth?

We Carry Money Too

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Glen Coco, You Go Glen Coco!

You're Not The Only One Here!


No. Sweatshirt

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Don't Slide Into My DMs

Ladies, We All Do It

And Wage Gap Still Exists

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Can’t. Keep. Up.

A post shared by Beth (@dudettewithsign) on

*straight face*

Beth, you're so funny and real, keep doing your thing. And guys, please pay close attention to her posts--she speaks all our truth. 

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