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Duct-Tape Bikinis Are Leaving A Little To Our Imagination & A Lot Of Pain!

Duct-Tape Bikinis Are Leaving A Little To Our Imagination & A Lot Of Pain!

If you think sitting through the waxing appointment is painful; if you think period cramps are the worst; if you think there's no pain worse than stubbing your toe, wait until you see the pictures of the duct-tape bikini. That's right! Duct-tape bikinis are officially a thing now all thanks to the Miami Swim Week Show. They're effectively made up of a strip of tape covering the nipple and crotch (ouch) area.

These stick-on bikinis may have left little (read barely anything) to the imagination but taking these off looks like the worst kind of pain imaginable. Have a look.

1 duct tape bikini - pink swimsuit

2 duct tape bikini - black swimsuit

3 duct tape bikini - blue golden swimsuit

4 duct tape bikini - black golden swimsuit

5 duct tape bikini - golden bikini

6 duct tape bikini - back of bikini model

7 duct tape bikini - rear shot of bikini model

At the fashion week, models walked the ramp for the fashion brand Black Tape Project to display the experimental style. Well, we don't need no experiment to give the inference - Hell No! As if wearing a bikini in India wasn't 'breaking news' enough!

8 duct tape bikini - harry potter eye rolls

Who knew that one day, fashion would be so affordable that all you'll need would be a duct-tape costing Rs 300 et voila. At least body paint covered your whole body! What're your thoughts?

Images: The Sun

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Published on Jul 19, 2018
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