Don't Make THIS Mistake Kangana Ranaut Made While Wearing A Naked Dress!

Don't Make THIS Mistake Kangana Ranaut Made While Wearing A Naked Dress!

We are all about the naked dress. They are the 2018 way to wrap yourself in sheer brilliance. No wonder all celebrities, as well as celeb kids, are all over the naked dress for fancy parties, award ceremonies, fashion shows, and what not. The most recent Bollywood celeb to wear one is Kangana Ranaut to the wrap-up party of her upcoming film, Manikarnika. She wore a Gauri and Nainika dress straight off the runway from the Spring/Summer 2019 collection and looked game in the beautiful dress.


Image: Instagram

All over sequins, placement print, a sexy strap, and a statement hemline, this dress had everything. But when the flash of the cameras went off, the true colours of the dress were brutally revealed.


Image: Instagram

The actress was wearing a tummy tucker and we could easily see it through the dress. Now, we are not saying there is anything wrong with the innerwear. It is a godsend under body-hugging and fitted clothes since it keeps you toned and hides the muffin top. But, lady, you gotta be careful with the colour of the shaper you are picking, damn!


Image: Instagram

Kangana wore a skin coloured body shaper underneath but it was lighter than her naked dress that is why it was understandably visible when exposed to light.


Image: Instagram

One can easily see the camel toe, and let's just say, it is never pleasant. It downs the glam of the outfit you are wearing no matter how much you've have paid for it, and takes the attention away from it. I am sure, now all you can see is the body shaper and not the gorgeous dress over it.


Image: Instagram

In fact, it brought our attention to the unpleasant vertical line running down the back of the dress that we probably would not have noticed had it not been for the tummy tucker.

So ladies, take note and pay equal attention to your lingerie and innerwear as much as you do to your outfit. Even though not visible directly, it can ruin your whole look without trying.

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