Do You Believe These 4 Ridiculous Pieces Of Bollywood Gossip That We've Heard This Week?

Do You Believe These 4 Ridiculous Pieces Of Bollywood Gossip That We've Heard This Week?

As someone who is a die-hard fan of Bollywood and religiously follows gossip blogs, I find it disrespectful when little to no effort is made in the stories. Some are funny and plain ridiculous. From a furry dog causing a divorce to cascading around with ex-wives and new girlfriends, here are my picks for the pointless headlines of this week. 

1. Arbaaz Khan Gets Ex-Wife Malaika Arora Khan To Meet His New Girlfriend

Okay so, how does this even make sense? Arbaaz Khan was spotted having a meal with a 25-year-old fashion blogger, Pallavi Saini. The alleged couple later had lunch with Malaika Arora Khan, her sister Amrita Arora and her mother. So basically his ex-wife is hanging out with his alleged new girlfriend? Now that's an entertaining life.

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2. Hina Khan Is Salman Khan's Girlfriend

How many girlfriends does Salman Khan have? Swami Om, a former Bigg Boss contestant made headlines because he stated in an interview that, "Host Salman wanted his girlfriend Hina Khan to win. Arshi Khan too was Salman's girlfriend," reported a leading news agency. Bitter grapes, we get it. 

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3. A Sad Little Dog Caused Imran Khan's Recent Divorce

First things first, I love dogs and we need to stop blaming these poor creatures for our mistakes. Secondly, former cricketer Imran Khan apparently has had a love-hate relationship with his pets and so his wives often leave him because of this. Can somebody clear this up for me, please? 

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4. After Breaking Up With Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam Fired Her Fitness Trainer

Yeah, and I stopped eating mangoes because my ex-boyfriend liked them. Apparently, to get away from Pulkit, the actress has even stopped her sister, Surilie from going to the same gym and working out with the trainer. Go figure.

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