It's Cool To Be Nerdy: DNA Braids Are The Hottest Hair Trend Right NOW!

It's Cool To Be Nerdy: DNA Braids Are The Hottest Hair Trend Right NOW!

Welcome to the beauty science fair where DNA braids are the hottest hair trend ruling the Internet right now. Rhode Island-based hairstylist, Alexandra Wilson, is the woman who bought this hair trend to fame.

It took her a week and a half to recreate this look.

She later added that they looked so unique, she wondered why they weren't popular in popular in the first place. 

She later posted a picture and a mini tutorial of the trend. Here's the first look - 

If you plan on giving this DNA hair trend a shot, the first thing you need to do is to separate your hair into 3 sections. Take a small section of the first the bunch and weave it under the middle section. Now from the third section, do the same. Continue to braid till the end. Here are few more versions of the DNA braid if you'd like to experiment. 


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The low ponytail + DNA braid = masterpiece.

Love to accessorize? Try it with pretty dreamcatchers.

This is a unique twist to the DNA braid, but it looks gorgeous nevertheless. 

One last one, we promise!

What are your thoughts about the DNA hair trend? Would you give it a shot? We'd love to know. 

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