DIY Tutorials You Can Watch & Learn From If You Love Accessories (And Are Bored At Home)

DIY Tutorials You Can Watch & Learn From If You Love Accessories (And Are Bored At Home)

With the lockdown in effect, fashionistas have plenty of time on their plates to not just declutter their closets but also learn new skills. And what better skill than to engage in some DIY fashion? I am not talking about the usual tips on how to upscale and redo your outfits, no. I am here to share some DIY tutorials with you accessory lovers so that you can use this time to make some trendy accessories at home and pamper your bored but stylish soul.

Make Your Own Accessories At Home

From making bracelets out of beads to using satin to make a summery neckpiece, I've got some videos for you to get started with your designing skills. Here you go!

A Beaded Bracelet

Beaded bracelets though are the most basic ones to make but they can add a lot of spunk to your outfit. I used to love making these as a child. Well, didn't we all? In case you have forgotten how to make these at home, here's a quick recap!

You'll need: beads, a plastic string or stretchy fibre, scissors, a needle with a big eye, and glue

Watch the video below to learn:

Stylish Hairband From An Old T-shirt

Hairbands from T-shirts? That's right! Here's a tutorial on how you can make printed, textured, whatever kind of hairbands you like at home. Psst... you can pair these with your WFH outfit to add a chic factor to your overall look.

You'll need: an old T-shirt, matching thread, and a needle

Watch the tutorial below to best understand:

Neckpiece From A Satin Cloth

Wanna lift up your mood amid the coronavirus scare? I'd suggest you try this DIY hack to feel summery at home. Make a delicate and pretty neckpiece from a satin material and add fancy feels to your debut outfit post quarantine.

You'll need: satin fabric, matching thread, pearls/beads, the chain of an old neckpiece, and a needle

Watch the video below to learn how:


Coloured Hoop Earrings

We've all crushed on them big colourful hoop earrings on celebrities but failed to find them for ourselves. Don't worry 'coz here's a tutorial to help you make exact replicas of those beautiful babies right at your home!

You'll need: a set of metal bangles, silk threads, stone chain, ball chain, stud pins, and fabric glue

Watch the video below to learn the trick of the trade:


A Ring From A Keychain

If you like it then you should've put a ring on it, said Beyonce. So, I did! Here's a DIY to make your own ring with the help of a keychain! Neat, isn't it?

You'll need: a keychain, scissors, and a copper thread

Watch the DIY tutorial below to learn:

So what are you waiting for? Try these and let us know how you are enjoying your new (read free) accessories. BRB, going to make some quirky hairbands.

Featured Image: Unsplash