2020 Bridal Diaries: Look Gorgeous On Your Big Day By Following These DIY Makeup Tips

2020 Bridal Diaries: Look Gorgeous On Your Big Day By Following These DIY Makeup Tips

If you’re planning on saying ‘I Do’ in 2020 then there are a whole new set of rules you need to follow for your big day. Aside from keeping the guests to a maximum of 100, (bright side, you don’t need to spend more on those uncles and aunties you never knew existed) adhering to social distancing norms and wearing a face mask during the entire ceremony, as the bride, you also need to take precautions when it comes to the prepping process on your wedding day.

Instead of hiring MUAs, many brides are taking matters into their own hands and using the makeup skills they acquired during the lockdown to do their own makeup in hopes to reduce the risk of getting sick.

If you are one of these to-be-brides and you're planning on putting your skills to the test, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to achieve that picture-perfect wedding glam. 

Say ‘I Do’ To These Makeup Tips

Whether you’re taking the minimalistic route or opting for a bold and edgy look, here are a few basic tips you need to remember if you want to look your best and camera-ready for the big day.

Practice Makes Perfect


Regardless of the on-going situation, remember, this is not your regular Saturday night, it's your wedding day—the one you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. It’s important to practice the makeup look you're going for and once you’ve achieved it, practice some more until D-Day. This advice applies to both, newbies as well as makeup mavens.

Say Yes To The Right Foundation Shade

On any other day, you could probably get away with using a foundation shade that’s a bit too light, but on your wedding day, it’s important to pick the right shade if you want the colour of your face to match with the rest of your body in the wedding pictures. Keep in mind that the core purpose of a foundation is to deliver an even finish to the skin and not to lighten your complexion. While shopping for foundation, make sure to test it out on your jawline to find the perfect hue. 


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Don’t Forget The Primer


If you’ve never forgotten to apply a primer in the past, you shouldn’t forget it on your wedding day either. Primer creates an even canvas to work with and helps your makeup last longer, so be sure to apply primer after prepping your face and before applying any other product.


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Invest In An Eye Primer


For your eyes, it’s beneficial to use an eye primer as this will even out discolouration on the eyelids and make your eyeshadow application so much easier. Eye primer is great as it helps your eyeshadow colours pop and stay put without creasing even after a long night of dancing.

Make Up

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Avoid Dark Lipstick Shades

If you’re going for a statement-making look, avoid using very dark shades as it may not turn out the way you want it to. Remember, this is your wedding day, not just another party night. Unless you’re absolutely sure you want a dark shade, we suggest opting for lighter bold hues.

Go For Mattes


Given that you will need to wear a face mask for the most part of the wedding, go for long-lasting matte shades that will stay in place even with the face mask on. Plus, you don't need to worry about smudging or feathering once you remove the mask for picture-time.


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Choose The Right Under Eye Concealer


Just like your foundation, your under-eye concealer is equally important to achieve a faultless finish. The golden rule while choosing your eye concealer is to make sure the concealer is not more than one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. And if you have deep-set dark circles, use a colour corrector.

Make Up

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Avoid Makeup With SPF Properties

We’re all for makeup with SPF properties, but on your wedding day, you might want to keep it at bay. The zinc and titanium oxides used in SPF formulas can cause a white cast, which mixed with flash photography can lead to regrettable photos.

Shape Your Brows


Perfectly groomed brows are a must for any occasion and your wedding day is definitely no exception. If you don’t have brow products, now is the best time to invest in them if you want on-fleek brows. After all, brows are the defining feature on your face and given that face masks have become a necessity, all attention is going to be on your eye area.

Make Up

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Waterproof Mascara Is Your BFF


Don’t rule out happy tears on your wedding day. To avoid black tears or smudgy eye makeup, invest in a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. These products will survive any stray tears and won’t melt off even after standing for hours in front of the harsh camera lights.

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Setting Spray Is A Must


Setting Spray or finishing spray -- call it what you want, but its function remains the same. No matter how long-lasting your makeup is, using a setting spray at the end will help your makeup stay in place longer. Once you've applied your makeup, spray the setting spray to lock it all in! 

Make Up

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Splurge On Blotting Sheets

Whether or not you have oily skin, blotting sheets should be part of your emergency bridal makeup kit. If you start to feel a droplet of sweat trickle down your forehead or your T-zone is getting too shiny, don’t reach for your pressed powder, instead, use a blotting paper. This will absorb any excess oil and sweat without ruining your makeup.

Blotting Papers

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For any bride who is planning on doing her own makeup for the big day, remember these makeup tips like they were your wedding vows in order to look picture-perfect during your quarantined wedding.