7 Vacation At Home Ideas To Make Your Diwali Long Weekend LIT AF

7 Vacation At Home Ideas To Make Your Diwali Long Weekend LIT AF

Had it been any other year, we would already be planning our itinerary for the Diwali long weekend! However, without getting carried away any further, let us get back to the reality that is 2020. 

This year has already taken away most of our weekend vibes, all thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Taking all the necessary precautions is the need of the hour and the only right way to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus in the first place. So, what we mean to say in the politest way possible is that long weekend or not, we are not taking a vacation for the sake of our and our loved ones' safety. However, weekend trips can come to us!

We have spent months at home this year and stayed inside like a pro with all the banana bread recipes, dalgona coffee and more. Now, it is time to feel like we’re on a vacation (a well-deserved one) right at our home. It does not really matter where you’re living because as long as you’re reading this, we are so going on a weekend trip together! Here’s how you can start your mini-adventure!

Prep Your House Before Your Vacation Starts


Have you ever seen a person on vacation with brooms and mops in their hands? That’s right, you haven’t. Because people take a vacation to stay away from those things in the first place. So, that is what you need to be doing. No cleaning, mopping, or other daunting house chores while you’re vacaying.

If you live alone or have the responsibility of keeping your house clean, we suggest you do that before your vacation starts. Given that it’s Diwali season, we assume the safai process must already be in full swing. Make sure your task is done before the weekend begins and announce it to yourself and your fam that you won't be doing any chores for the next 3-4 days.

Pick A Theme

So, where do you want to go? The place you want to visit is going to be your theme. You are completely free to decide whether the mountains are calling or you want to be a beach baby. Once you pick your destination, you know the exact theme for your house vacay.

Plan A Budget


You have to keep a budget for your indoor vacation just like you make a budget for your outdoor vacation. No, it does not have to be OTT expensive trip (we get it okay!) but, a little pampering does no harm. In order to set the theme right, you have to pick out certain decor and outfits that match your vacay vibes correctly. The easiest way is to understand what you need is by listing down the things you love to do when you are on a vacation at your favourite destination. Pick out the clothes you would have worn there, order some wall hangings that reminds you of the place.

Planning an indoor Goa trip? Just order the sexiest strappy gown online along with your favourite straw hat. Have a thing for mountains? Order this beautiful bed canopy and decorate your walls with radium stars and fairy lights. Remember, it is your house and you can do literally whatever you want with it!

No Need For Routine


Your ordinary 2020 weekends might mean completing your pending house chores, taking care of your family, and waiting for the next Monday. Well, if your weekends have been as boring as reading the last line, you surely deserve a break from your regular routine. During this loooong Diwali weekend, do nothing! In other words, only do what you feel like doing.

Yes, we know that it is easier said than done. But here’s the key - take the chance. Order that extra-cheesy pizza you’ve been craving for and don’t let the music stop! Put on the neon shades, have that damn mimosa, put on your favourite lipstick, and make every night a movie night - basically, go wild!

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Stop Working


We understand the constant anxiety of checking work emails. Here’s the simple thing you need to do - stop! This is your weekend and this is your time. Inform your office folks that you will not be available over the long weekend because you’re on a much-deserved vacation! Maybe go offline for a few days if need be. 

Souvenirs & Postcards


We believe there is hardly a person in the world who does not like to collect memories when on a trip. You either take a lot of pictures, send postcards, or collect stamps and coins. For your indoor vacay, you need to do just that! Click pictures and take selfies because you don't know when will you have such a great staycation again. Order a few postcards that you can send some time later. These peaceful and unique memories are what you’ll cherish once this pandemic comes to an end!

Getting Back From Your Staycation

So, we asked you to take a break from house chores as well as office work and you must. But, remember that you need to plan your re-entry to the normal world as well. So, while you’re not doing any house chores, remember not to dirty your space unnecessarily. While you’re ignoring the mails, let your boss or colleague know that they can drop you a personal message in case of a real emergency and you will get back to them as soon as you’re free. This way, you’re not loading yourself with extra burden once you’re back to real-life!

Hope these tips help you have a great long weekend! Happy Diwali peeps!

Feature Image: Unsplash