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Divyanka Tripathi’s Love Note To Hubby Is Just So Adorable!

Divyanka Tripathi’s Love Note To Hubby Is Just So Adorable!

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are lovebirds in the truest sense. But what makes us admire the couple even more is the fact that their love has deepened with each passing day. The couple keeps posting sweet things about each other every once in awhile, which is just so admirable! Remember the heartfelt letter Vivek Dahiya posted for Divyanka right before their Nach Baliye win? Aww!

Only time around, it was Divyanka Tripathi who took to social media to express her love for her husband. The pretty actress wrote a sweet poem for hubby, Vivek, expressing her love and gratitude towards him.

This is what the sweet poem reads...

“When I start falling, you hold me and pull me up! When I can't see a way out, you lead me through the darkness.

I start slowing down and there...

you give me a nudge and I go flying.

I doubt myself and you show me the mirror!

You know me, you understand me, you want me... No money, no success can compete with what I have now.

Won't waste any time thinking what the world thinks. I'll live with you to the fullest. I'll just treasure every moment spent with you in my deepest memory bank.

Love you today, tomorrow, forever.

Your Div.’’

Aww…these two are goals!

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Featured Image: Vivek Dahiya On Instagram here and here.