Love Cannot Be Measured By How We Behave On Insta - Divyanka Lashes Out At A Fan!

Love Cannot Be Measured By How We Behave On Insta - Divyanka Lashes Out At A Fan!

There is not an Iota of doubt about how much Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya love each other. They had a love-cum-arranged marriage in July, 2015 and have been the ideal couple ever since. They surprise each other on the sets of their respective shows, they post the cutest photos and videos on Instagram and are visibly mesmerized by each other. But haters and mischief makers are always on the lookout for things that they can make issues out of. 

Recently, Vivek surprised his dearest wifey Divyanka on the sets of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The moment was captured by a TV channel and Divyanka later posted the adorable video on her Instagram page with the cutest caption:

The video was really sweet but a random follower decided to spew some hate. He/she commented on the video asking Divyanka why she was the only one to post cutesy pictures of the couple on her Insta while Vivek never did so. The Instagram follower then conveniently went on to ask Divyanka if Vivek actually even loved her, and that was it! Divyanka lashed out with the classiest response:

"Just stop talking about such petty things. You really think our love can be measured by how we behave on Insta? I didn't post happy birthday for my dad here... So don't I love him? It's a message to all asking such silly things - trust me, we do breathe and talk out of TV, FB, Twitter and Insta as well. Just understand leave our personal behaviour to us... and just enjoy the video."

Well said, Divyanka!