Divya Khosla Kumar's Fashion Faux Pas Is Enough To Leave You Asking 'Why, Just Why?'

Divya Khosla Kumar's Fashion Faux Pas Is Enough To Leave You Asking 'Why, Just Why?'

Whatever you may say, when it comes to making a fashion faux pas, we have all 'been there, done that' and should you need a reminder, Bollywood's fashion-forward folks too, face their own from time to time. Case in point: Director Divya Khosla Kumar's latest appearance that failed to impress. 

A Fashion Faux Pas

Continue reading to know all there is to the look and what went wrong. 

Too Much Of Everything!


To give credit where it's due, Divya Khosla Kumar is almost always impeccably dressed, her Indian wear wardrobe one that we have come to admire. Be it elaborate lehengas, breezy kurta or sarees that stun, the Bollywood director has been known to ace multiple trends effortlessly. This time around, however, her latest Instagram snapshots had an opposite effect, a fashion faux pas, if you may

A pleated mini skirt in a pink hue teamed with a full-sleeved blouse that had a sheen to it made Divya Khosla Kumar's outfit for a mini at-home photoshoot. Now both of the separates would go on well separately but paired together, they did manage to have the impact that one would have hoped for. Add to that the accessories in the picture—suede thigh-high boots, a red sling bag and glares with a pink frame—the outfit moved on quickly to the faux pas category. While all would have worked quite well when styled in perhaps a different manner, all of them put together made for an underwhelming appearance. The more, as we have seen, is not always the merrier. 


Slightly later into the indoor shoot, the Bollywood insider opted for yet another accessory that is best left limited to a children's party—a hairband with popping Minnie Mouse bow in red. All in all, that was the final straw, enough to leave you with a "Why, Divya, just why"!

Notably, the silver lining in her overall look were her beauty picks, ones that imparted an on-point appearance on the makeup front, without her going overboard or looking drab. With respect to her choice of outfit, an unwanted faux-pas is something we have all encountered some time or the other so this look is quite understandable too. But knowing Divya Khosla Kumar's eye for details (for the rest of the times), we wouldn't worry much about this being repeated! 

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Word of caution to the wise, don't pair all those separates and accessories without giving them a thought!

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