It's Happening! Disha Parmar Is All Set To Enter Bigg Boss House On Valentine's Day

It's Happening! Disha Parmar Is All Set To Enter Bigg Boss House On Valentine's Day

Clearly, a lot has happened in Rahul Vaidya's Bigg Boss 14 journey to date. He earned some labels, made some good friends, and also got into nasty fights. He also left the house and returned to the show only to face a lot of criticism. However, there's something that trumps it all and will always do. Well, no brownie points for guessing that we are talking about his adorable proposal to Disha Parmar on national television.

As you might be aware that Disha has already said a "yes." In fact, as revealed by Rahul's mom, both the families have already started making some preparation for the shaadi. But wedding aside, all the Bigg Boss followers have long been speculating about Disha's entry into the house. In fact, everyone was pretty sure that Disha would enter the house to support Rahul during the connections week. However, to everyone's disappointment, it is singer Toshi Sabri who is currently supporting Rahul in the house. 

Well, don't be too dejected because the BB makers are planning an even bigger surprise right now. A little birdie tells us that Disha would be entering the house on Valentine's Day as a surprise for Rahul Vaidya. However, she won't be staying in the house. Disha would be entering the Bigg Boss house just to meet Rahul, give him a romantic surprise, and will leave after spending some time in the house. 


Earlier, the Bigg Boss makers had approached her for the connections week. However, the actress had refused to stay inside the house for an entire week. Shortly after that, a fan on Twitter had asked her to put "personal preferences" aside and enter the house to support her fiance. To this Disha had replied, "It's not about personal preference! I understand your emotions, you should understand mine too! He is strong enough to fight his own battles and trust me.. having me around him for a week will put pressure on him especially now when I am dragged in the conversation every now & then."

Well, that actually makes sense and honestly, watching her entering the house especially for Valentine's Day would be extra special, right? Can't wait! Disha's luminous skin? Here's how you can get it too:


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