14 Dil Chahta Hai Quotes That Make Us Wish Kabhi Na Beete Yeh Chamkeele Din

14 Dil Chahta Hai Quotes That Make Us Wish Kabhi Na Beete Yeh Chamkeele Din

Dil Chahta Hai starring Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna in the lead roles, was a coming-of-age film that redefined romance and bromance for our generation. We lived Akash, Sameer and Siddharth's lives with them. Whether it was love, heartbreak, friendship, happiness, sorrow or joy, the film had a perfectly mixed cocktail of all the emotions we could ask for. The movie gave us #FriendshipGoals along with #WanderlustGoals. No matter how many times you watch it, you'll always end up grooving to Koi Kahe and wiping your tears when Tanhai plays. Today, the cult classic has completed 18 years and this has hit us with a wave of nostalgia.

Yesterday, actress Preity Zinta took to her Instagram to share a video that celebrated the film completing 18 years. She wrote, "जाने क्यू ये फ़िल्म मेरी फ़ेवरेट फ़िल्मों की लिस्ट में है 🤩 Thank you @faroutakhtar @_aamirkhan @farahkhankunder, Saif @akshaye_khanna & the entire cast and crew for making this film such a fun and memorable experience! Loved every bit of it ❤🤗😘❤
#Jaanekyon #DCH #18YearsOfDilChahtaHai #Ting"

Now, grab a tissue because we're taking you down the memory lane. Here are some quotes from the film about love, travel, friendship that inspired a whole generation. Read on!

1. “Pyaar soch samajh kar thodi kiya jaata hai, bas ho jaata hai."

2. "Ya toh dosti gehri hai, ya toh yeh photo 3D hai."


3. "Har dosti mein ek hadd hoti hai jo nahi paar karni chahiye."

4. “Hum cake ke liye kahin bhi ja sakte hai.”


5. “Yeh sach hai ki main aapse pyaar karta hoon and I am not sorry for that.”

6. “Mujhe yakeen hai ki main sirf isliye janma hun ki tumse pyaar kar sakun, tum sirf isliye ki ek din meri ban jao.”


7. “Iska koli bharosa nahi…Aaj Pooja, kal koi dooja.”

8. "Hum dost the, hain aur hamesh rahenge."

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9. "Dad zindagi mein cheque sign karne ke alawa bhi bohot kuch hai."

10. "Shayad uske bathroom jaane ka time ho gaya."



11. “Kitni ajeeb baat hai…hum teeno Sydney ja rahe hai. Tum, mai aur yeh flight!”

12. “Iss ret ko jitna apne haath mein bandh karne ki koshish karein, yeh utni hee haath se nikal jaati hai.”



13. "Kya kar raha hai yaar? Mard bann. Be a man!"

14. “Perfection ko improve karna muskil hota hai.”

Clearly, this movie is #OldButGold. BRB, reviving my 18-year-old 'Goa chalein' Whatsapp group!

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